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Lead Executive Coach

Dwight Riddick

Identifying and living your purpose is one of the hardest task in life today. Especially when most people often limit you to being this or that, one thing or another. All the while you know there’s more for you and in you beyond the generic labels that society has provided.
I was there. I was a computer science major, serving as a Senior Pastor, with a passion and mind for business. I just couldn’t figure out how to merge all three together to effectively impact the kingdom without stressing myself out.

I sometimes felt trapped and other times unfulfilled. Then when I tried to add pricing to my service I felt guilty for charging a cost. All of this left me wondering around day to day trying to figure out what I was really called to. I’m not a surfer at all, but I felt life was a surf Rider and I was constantly falling on my face. Or a it was a jump shot that I just could not make.
Then I learned about coaching. More specifically I learned about coaching from a pastor who was able to navigate the rough waters of passion and profit. It allowed me to use my computer skills and simply the process for others, and now I want to share my passion

A few things we’re great at

Everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast or a bridge player. – Bill Gates

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CMI – Leadership Coaching provides the best leadership, business, and vocation specific coaches trained by John Maxwell Certified Coaches and industry leading professionals. FIND A COACH NOW!

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Join an extensive 8 month Coaching Certification with ongoing training, support and networking. (Training in coaching, speaking, leadership, finance, relationship, and more). GET CERTIFIED TODAY

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From an idea in your mind to a fully functioning, funded, with clients, great marketing strategy, and state recognized business; we are your TURN KEY SOLUTION. Allow our team of expert business strategists, lawyers, and marketers help make your business dream a reality.

Publish Your Book

There is an author in you and we want to reveal it to the world. Let us turn, Your Idea, Your Story, Your Sermon, Your Thesis, Your Message, Your Creativity, Your Poems, Your Words, Into YOUR BOOK! If You have the inspiration and dream of writing A book and becoming an author welcome to the FINAL STEP. The world needs your story!

Coaching Network

CMI Leadership Coaching welcomes you to our revamped Coaching Program, CMI Monthly Coaching Memberships! We have developed an opportunity for our coaching to reach on a more global and scaled platform, this is that platform.

Pay It Forward – Support Scholarships

We believe in giving back to help others succeed. A portion of all of our proceeds goes into scholarships. Our CMI-LC Emerge FOUNDATION provides scholarships to high school seniors and grants to non-profit organizations annually, while equipping and creating emerging philanthropist. Join and help us max the potential of others.



Our strategy is simple, instead of compartmentalizing you, let’ bring it all together. Let’s SYNERGIZE and merge all of you by blending our programs to maximize your potential.

After trial and error, spending time and money training, I have developed an effective way to develop industry impacting Leadership Coaches. CMI Leadership Coaching will certify and train you to maximize the potential of others, transform lives, and increase your revenue without the hassle of having to figure it out on your own, waste your resources, or spend loads of time before you launching.

We provide coaching resources, coaching Leadership Coaching provides the best leadership, business, and vocation specific coaches trained by John Maxwell Certified Coaches and industry leading professionals.

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Our Featured Coaches

CMI has launched hundreds of entreprenuers into successful business careers, profitable coaching courses, and into life transforming individuals. Choose a featured coach to help maximize your potential or that of your organization.

Dr. DS Riddick
Business Coach

Dr. Jennell Riddick R.
Life Coach

Terry Gray
Safety Coach

Dr. Angel White
Life Coach

Mark Whitfield
Cyrpto Fiance Coach

Nicole “NikE” Ellis
Healthy Living Coach

Kelvin Reed
Real Estate Coach

Kisha McDaniel
Business Startup Coach

Kirk “KT” Houston
Men’s Lifestyle Coach

Dr. Sabrina Lee
Educator’s Coach

Julian Joyner
Podcasting Coach

Dorothy “Dot” Blunt
Relationship Coach

Jasmine “Jaye” Smith
Pro Branding Coach

Rachel “Rae” Watson
Fitness & Health Coach

Dr. Latosha Burch
Medical Staff Coach

Dewanda Jones
Lifestyle Coach

Marilyn Freeman
Educators Admin Coach

Joseph Jayakumar
Lifestyle Coach

Stacy Harden
Business Systems Coach

Kelli Sweat
Mom Fashion Coach

Anthony Rawlings
Lifestyle Coach

Deirdre Sanderlin
Lifestyle Coach

Victor Johnson
Business Coach

Hili Mercy
Business Coach

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:


Safety Man Movement

I have been with CMI for over 10 years & have found it to be consistently relevant, cutting edge, & transformative for my business.

LaDonna Branson

Branson Coaching

”CMI not only validated my passion but equipped me to walk it out! It has taught me to be confident in ways that I lacked before along with exposing me to a network of other amazing entrepreneurs!” 

Deirdre S.

Plan D  Consulting

The information was timely and helpful for entrepreneurs. They provoked me to want to hear more & enroll in their Business  Academy.


 To getting People to Hire You As their coach.

Resource by: Dr Dwight Riddick & CMI Leadership Coaching

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:



CMI-LC and DS Riddick have been the difference maker in my pursuit of higher understanding and knowledge. His approach to coaching and teaching are second to none.


Author, Speaker, Artist

Do you sometimes have the feeling that you’re running into the same obstacles over and over again? Many of my conflicts have the same feel

Monica Vaughn

Triumphant Academy

CMI has provided with me the opportunity to motivate, inspire and change the lives of others while maximizing my potential at the same time