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Gang Prevention

Building healthy communities and relationships with and for youth.

Gaining Identification

Own your personality and get to love who you are and what you are skilled to do.

From Thrive to Survive

Existing will not be enough. You deserve to grow and launch into greatness.

Life Coaching

Leadership Matters

Transforming ordinary individuals into high achievers

Feeling Dissatisfied?

Let’s start  gaining, maintaining, and receiving encouragement to get on track. 

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We can help you realign your priorities and tap into your purpose.

Failure seem to be consistent?

Start living successfully by inspiring others and sharing lessons from every let down.

Life Coach

Eric Battle

What’s up family. I am Coach Eric. I am elated to join you and your family on this journey of moving forward from just surviving to thriving. While growing up, I was a young boy without a father in my life, and truth be told at one point I didn’t think fathers existed. I’ve seen up close how not having a positive male role model consistently in a young male’s life can affect their life. Identity issues and confusion, belonging to the wrong groups, and failing to meet other people’s expectations and standards, is something that I experienced myself.

There is good news though. My life changed when I was able to find a good community, which led to me finding myself and my purpose. Now I’m not just surviving this cold world, I am thriving in it. My trials and what I have experienced has led to my success and my hope is to lead you as parent, as school, or as organization to battle for your children’s success, as your children battle for their own success. It’s my hope with the resources and the practical steps that will be provided for you is that your children will LIVE AND NOT DIE!

Youth Life Coaching

Boys To Young Men Coaching

Parents, grandparents, families, youth centers, and non-profit organizations are raving about this 6-session Warrior young boys mentorship program. Coach Battle has established an interactive life-transforming system to assist and add value to parents that are battling for their kids, while their kids battle for their own success. This course can be experienced in sessions, weeks, a 6-month cohort, or as a hybrid onsite and virtual annually. Young men ages 6-14 will have resources and practical steps to not only survive in this world but also thrive. Join Today.

The WARRIOR will experience a minimum of:
1. Gang Prevention (Sense of True Belonging; Real Community )
2. Gaining Identification (Freedom from Mindgames and Peer Pressure)
3. Going to Battle (Self-defense Martial Arts; Leaping From Surviving to Thriving)


Mentors & Life Coaches Matter

“Show me a successful individual and I’ll show you someone who had real positive influences in his or her life. I don’t care what you do for a living—if you do it well I’m sure there was someone cheering you on or showing the way. A mentor.”
– Denzel Washington

Personal Coaching


The Warrior Program Strategy:
1. The Warrior Life (What is a Warrior)
2. Tribal Unity (Where do I fit in?)
3. Mind Games (Winning in the Mind)
4. The Fighter within (Win the fight between right and wrong)
5. It’s Above Me Now (ID your Why Me? What is purpose?)
6. The Way of the Warrior (Leadership)
1. Personal 1:1 Coaching Session
2. eBooks & Leadership Online Course
3. Private Warrior Chat Group
4. Custom Web Portal Access for Resources
5. Discount on Battle Brand Merch

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Don’t take our word for it – here’s what others are say:

Eric is a well of wisdom and is so passionate about seeing others succeed that taking this course is a no-brainer. If you want to regain your purpose, this is where you start. 

Dr. Dwight Riddick

I have learned so much from him… the one thing that I remember most is learning that you should accept compliments and encouragement because we are not meant to do this alone

Evelina Johnson

Eric always has a smile on his face, encouragement to share, and years of experience weathering challenges. He knows how to maneuver through good times and bad.

Ricky and Dorothy

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