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Enhance Your Marriage

If it’s good we can make it great, if it’s not so good lets get back what you lost

Dating Tips That Work

Single or married, dating is necessary and we want to help you rediscover love.

Relationship Coaching

Relationships come in all shapes and sizes, let us custom fit yours to passion again.

Relationship Coaching

Turn Up the Heat and Revitalize Your Relationship without loosing yourself. 

Revitalizing relationships in 6 weeks by connecting mind, body, and soul without loosing dignity, feeling disrespected or being humiliated.

Where’s Your Dignity?

Losing your dignity in your relationships can be difficult to maneuver. Finding a way past shame and guilt after a rough-patch is critical for your relationship’s success. I want to help you get beyond this and into a healthy space.

Feeling Disrespected?

Disrespectful relationships is one that people don’t feel valued, where one or both parties feel treated unfairly, or experiences some form of abuses. We want to help you heal and avoid making your spouse feel disrespected.

Has it Been Humiliating?

No one wants to feel humiliated or embarrassed. This happens subtly often in public and privately. One’s views are unjustly diminished. Often their experiences come with vivid memories or even traumas that creates unhealthy distance.

Relationship Coach

Eureka Rawlings

I remember when I was overwhelmed by personal life issues, being a wife, mother, sounding board for family and friends, work, caregiver, and dedication to my church. I felt overwhelmed, unprepared, often anxious and burnt out. It took a lot out of me but I hid it out of pride. I was so busy helping others I didn’t want people to see me needing help when I was the helper.

However, now I have learned to have much peace in my life by holistically taking care of my mind, body and soul. This has afforded me the opportunity to smile more, feel better, and hear my own voice. I am living the dream of being whole. It has been so good I can’t keep it to myself, and now I want to help you live the dream and revitalize your relationship with your new found power. Let’s get your fire back! Join me on a quest to TURN UP THE HEAT.

Personal Coaching


Dorothy has an earned Professional Life Coaching Certification from Liberty University along with a Leadership coaching Certification from CMI-Leadership Coaching. Her formal training merged with her personal experience, passion for family success, and God calling to enhance relationships make her the perfect coach for you.
Inquire about her personal coaching options and schedule your personal one on one time. Each Coaching Package comes with plenty of bonuses that will transform your life.
Included in the Coaching Package are

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Catch on fire and people will Come from miles to see you burn – John Wesley



Revitalizing relationships in 6 weeks by connecting mind, body, and soul without loosing dignity, feeling disrespected or being humiliated.

Join the next cohort with Coach Dot live via Zoom along with other like minded wives. If you can’t make every session that’s no problem. Each session is made available via replay for 48 hours along with all the resources from the session.
Make an investment into your marriage and make an investment into you. If you could transform and sustain a more than healthy relationship alone, you would have done it already. Take this next step and become a WILDFIRE Women and Turn up the heat on your relationship.



Don’t take our word for it – here’s what others are say:

Dorothy is a well of wisdom and is so passionate about family and marriages that taking this course is a no-brainer. If you want wildfire in your relationship lean into this already burning wildfire for healthy relationships.

Dr. Jennell

I have learned so much from her… the one thing that I remember most is learning that you should do what works for your marriage without comparing it to others. She has taught us that happiness looks different for every couple.

Megan & Rickeita

Dorothy always has a smile on her face, encouragement to share, and years of experience weathering marriages challenges. She knows how to maneuver through good times and bad.

Husband, Ricky

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Happiness Is Happening To You

Resource by: Coach Dorothy “Dot” Blunt