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Welcome To The Stylist Empowerment

Stylist Empowerment (SE) exist to empower, educate, and equip stylist in all fields on how to make the best decisions for their business. Many stylists have skills in an area but have not been mentored in the strategies for business success, connected to other like minded stylists, or have planned for their future. Tamanika Harris, a Master Stylist for over 3 decades is on a mission to unite stylist of all kinds, skill level, and locations. The goal is to provide opportunities for gifted stylists to share your knowledge, gain cutting edge techniques, and network to stay relevant in your craft. No great stylists have ever made it alone. There are no little I’s or big U’s, there is only US. So decide to today to become a Master Empowerment Stylist or a SE – Unique Stylist, but whatever you don’t decide to be regular.

Silk Fusion Seminars

Quarterly Workshops that Straighten Out Your Business Kinks” Join us for Guest speakers, onsite exhibitions, new product reveals and like minded networking. 

Like Minded Networking

You are not alone. There are stylist that are not in competition with you. We want to unite, share strategies, give wisdom and grow better together.

Do Better Business & Profit More

You work to help each person in your care, but you can also grow a thriving business to profit now, and to have a legacy when you walk away from the chair.

Stylists From All Fields Are Welcome

Hair Stylist, Make-up Artist, Barber, Nail Techs, Fashion Advisors

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Let’s start  gaining, maintaining, and receiving encouragement to get on track. 

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Stylist Coach

Tamanika Harris

Tamanika Harris is a local keynote speaker who aspires to retire herself from behind the salon chair and educate one family at a time. She is one of the top hair stylists in 757,she is a licensed financial advisor who prides herself in self development and financial literacy. Her motto is “no stylist left behind!”

With a background in corporate sales and leadership, her career expands over several industries including cosmetology,entrepreneurship and finance. Tamanika is working her way up the corporate ladder of finance and she is passionate to help the middle class, the ones everyone else forgets about.

Personal Coaching

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What Does Stylist Empowerment (SE) do?
Together SE will bring stylist together for quarterly Sessions known as “The Silk Infusion – Workshops that Straighten Out Your Business Kinks”, Monthly there will be live SHOP TALK Topics featuring guest stylist, and there will be an entire online instructional video courses available in the SHOP TALK ACADEMY. Don’t delay join today.
How can you be a part of this movement?
You can join as an SE leader or as an SE member. Our Leaders are Master Empowerment Stylist, and our members are Unique Stylist (US). They are US. Make your choice Below.

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“As stylists we’re ground shakers and day makers. Setting trends, while fostering that inner connection between a person’s inner and outer self.”
-Rebecca Gregory

A 9 Session Master Class


Join me for 6 powerful SHOP TALK Strategies to help you build an effective business while helping you serve the many people you encounter daily without stressing you out, wasting your time, or lowering your shop cost.
6 Empowerment Sessions for Stylist Success
   1. So, You Have Time
   2. Marketing & Branding
   3. Color Sense
   4. The Stylist Self Care
   5. The Tip Jar Challenge
   6. Becoming A Business
Niche Sessions – Style Specific Sessions
   1. Barber – Clip & Cut
   2. Make-Up – The Beat That Glows
   3. Nail Techs – Get Your Fill
   4. Fashion CENTS
   5. Stylist with a Silk Infusion

   1. A Stylist Coaching Call
   2. eBook: Style & Smile
   3. Exclusive Unique Stylist Facebook Group
   4. Training Web Portal
   5. Discounts on Stylist Empowerment Merch

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Don’t take our word for it – here’s what others are say:

Tamanika is a well of wisdom and is so passionate about seeing others succeed that taking this course is a no-brainer. If you want to regain your purpose, this is where you start. 

Dr. Dwight Riddick

I have learned so much from her… the one thing that I remember most is learning that you should accept compliments and encouragement because we are not meant to do this alone

Evelina Johnson

Tamanika always has a smile on hher face, encouragement to share, and years of experience weathering challenges. She knows how to maneuver through good times and bad.

Ricky and Dorothy

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Styling & Smiling

Resource by: Tamanika Harris

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